On the trail of Maillard

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Culinary Painting

By Francesco Martines

Do we know the moral effects of food ?
Is there a philosophy of nutrition ?

Friedrich Nietzsche

Bakery artworks.

Traces painted by cooking food: written signs brushed from cooked food on parchment paper and canvas.
Culinary Painting.
Notebooks, sketchbooks.

Notes of chemical and artistic metamorphosis,
synthesis between Nature and Culture.

An embroidered tale on crispy paper and fabric,
The artistic memoir of a Transformation.


Cooking is an act of art and science. An alchemical transformation.

The culinary gesture causes a chemical reaction in food: sugar and protein are modified. Molecules change shape, texture, structure, consistency. The air is filled with the scent of bread crust, roasted vegetables, cakes’ caramel.

From Nature to Culture. From a chemical reaction to physiological digestion and into soul sublimation.
An artistic gesture.
Consumed, introjected, food becomes those who eat it.

The processed food is transfigured. It becomes a metaphor of the metamorphosis that will be visible in us.

Of that peeled, cut, prepared and cooked food, only memories remain.

Observing these bakery artworks is contemplating outside the change that takes place inside us.

We are invited to read, in the form of symbolic writing, the path of metamorphosis from ingredient to nourishment, to our fibers finally.

Interpreting these food’s hieroglyphics, these paintings made by Maillard reactions, illustrate the story of us being  here.

Culinary Painting is a narrative, by marks and impressions, that tells the story of our survival.


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