Light Painting

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This series of photos is a collection of silent conversations, made up of light and gestures memories,  that took place between the artist and the portrayed people.

Through the manipulation of light, the photographer models  images on  the bottom of the camera as on a canvas and into the wide open diaphragm, which becomes the proscenium that includes the representation that takes place.

Taking advantage of a fracture, an opening and expansion of the temporal dimension, the artist creates a space – that becomes the stage – and a suspension- which becomes a silent conversation- in which he insinuates his performative sequence of gestures, deliberate, determined and wanted, but carried out unpredictability in the dark.

What remains is the impression-in both technical and metaphorical sense– made by the light, which becomes a sign, a tangible sign of the artistic act, the dialogue between light and time in the dark, between who takes the picture and who is portrayed.

A composite tale, in which a gesture that is not merely photographic, but that is, at the same time, painting, sculpture and theater, becomes possible.

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