Emotional Herbaria


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The garden

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Figures emerging from the darkness, living creatures, withered bodies, metaphors. Ancient, primordial substances, reminiscent of the dry earth and of the grass scorched by the sun, corolla of petals as masks of Greek tragedy.

These writhing flowers, these stems that face each other creaking, grinding,  the joints, drained of fluids and deprived of the turgor which belongs to life, subtly reveal the tragic drama of human relationships.

 The delicacy of the flora is here transformed into sore flesh, which expresses a longing pain. In the folds of these herbal grimaces, that are souls caught in the act of yearning, we can sense a burning desire to communicate. Silent screams that reveal an emotional need to tell themselves, which seems to lead to the impossible.

Astonished, we look at the silent dialogue of the passions. A herbarium of the feelings that depicts movements of the soul, psychological events and attempts to universal conversations, immortalized in a gesture of restless longing. The essence of a urge that is, above all, a desire.

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